How to get device info and log

Connect the Terminal with PC

1. Make sure the terminal device uses same wifi account with PC.

2. Terminal: Settings->Network&internet->Wifi->Select the wifi account used->Advanced->IP
address, eg:

3. PC: Cmd->open adb terminal->adb devices, make sure the device is connected:

4. adb connect (the ip address of the phone ).

Install the log capture apk

5. Download and save the detectiontool.apk to your local PC from below link. Below list
three methods:

       5.1.adb install command;
adb install -r D:\Users\Lenovo\Download\detectiontool.apk(the path of the apk) to install
the apk
       5. 2.SD card;
       5. 3.OTG storage device.

Capture the log and get device info

6. Terminal: Before using the export log function, you need to insert an external storage device, SD card or OTG storage device

Insert the external storage device to terminal

Now the apk is installed, go to main menu to open the apk, ENABLE LOG, then “EXPORT
LOG”, the log is saved in the OTG, remember the path.

7. PC: Insert the OTG to PC, get the log file:. Eg: \ft\log\FDTSH20120000016\DeviceInfo.txt

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